Free placement tool boxes

Hey there,
I just wondered how impossible it is to implement the second (lower) toolbar to the free space in first line?!

Likely has more to do with lower resolution screens honestly(Ardour works down to 1024 width). Would have to determine if the screen can even support it before trying, so probably a fair amount of work is my guess.


W’re trying to cater to narrower screen widths without causing substantial re-arrangement of the GUI. Your suggestion would break that fairly badly, although it is true that there is a lot of wasted space up there.

The “tabbed” branch in development has some impact on this, but not in quite the way you’re suggesting.

Also, the idea of “free placement” stuff is an idea that, while quite nice, would involve a major, substantial redesign of the GUI, much more so than even “tabbed” contains. Dragging, dropping and reshaping elements of the GUI to fit into arbitrary spaces … this is all very nice, but way beyond the usual stuff done with the toolkit we use.

Well, at least its not a “no”. :slight_smile:

But: its 2015 and the common monitor solution is higher than 1024. My X200 from 2008 hast 1280x720. Screenshot was made with MacBook Air with 1440x900px. There should be at least the option.

Btw: Is Ardour ready for 4k? Thinking about a new screen. :wink:

Ardour is already ready for 4k.

You’d be surprised how many people use Ardour on older systems, including Snow Leopard.