Free material for anyone to mix.

Here are a couple of Ardour projects that I have made available to anyone to download and mix. They are not the best recordings and have been made in different locations that are not built for recording and the equipment used have been low end. I just do this so that people that might want to have projects to practice with do have that option. Read the readme files that are included in every compressed packages.

Damn Sunday Drivers - Memories And A Bottle

196 MiB

sha224: cc3d7e7e8edd6a128af01bf55a35c39ab907604b400f1d3790ba9b1d

Non-mixed sample:

Damn Sunday Drivers - Out There, Somewhere

228 MiB

sha224: 349613a902afb563645e7ac4eb48aba65438be9d67bb61d0a8539ecb

Non-mixed sample:

Damn Sunday Drivers - Perfect Day

189 MiB

sha224: ef9f20c9735b15243279282fbba308fb5a18ba00d6f3c4c1e5707a8e

Non-mixed sample:

Fingers Crossed - Where You Gonna Go

149 MiB

sha224: 850536996221b330885ac125ea1d27f68cb3237ed1e3f75461beed94

Non-mixed sample:

I had a go at one of them:

There is no automation or editing but a fair amount of EQ and dynamics processing going on. Done in Mixbus 3 using the EQ10Q parametric, Gverb+, and the built in Mixbus EQ, dynamics, and saturation.

Punk rock!

Nice Robert! Keep up the good job!

Wow, surprised at the musical quality.