FREE Live Recording by's Power Trio

Check out this link for four rockin’ songs recorded live with Ardour (in fact the entire mix was done with Ardour that night, for the first of hopefully many times).

You’ll need to enter “fanclub” as the username and “dickrules” as the password to download/listen to this, as this forum is the only place besides my fanclub that people can get this free music.

thanks! I appreciate your comments, but good guitar players are not only expensive, they inevitably end up trying to run the band :wink:

That guitarplaying really stinks - I could do it better.

But who cares?

You are a natural born ROCK STAR - your voice and pronounciation is so powerful, also your songs are SO GREAT!

I say:

BE THE LEAD SINGER - hire folks to do the rest - then only the sky is the limit - you can match anyone.

love you, man.