FREE DOWNLOAD! Dick MacInnis' debut album, "Everything You've Heard About Love" (Made with Ardour)

I officially released this album almost two years ago (Valentine’s Day, 2009), and in the intervening time have made enough money on it to pay for the time I spent recording it, as well as the gear used. Not being a particularly greedy guy, I’ve decided now to release the album to the public as a free download. I’m currently working on the two follow up albums, which will round out the “Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll” trilogy, of which this is the first part.

get the album (with artwork) here:


Yes, pure rock’n roll, pure oxygen.

Good luck with the next two albums - I’m glad Dick the Musician is back…


Hey Dick,

Good songs, I really like them and some of the Youtube vids as well (ie the Saskatoon one). I love a good rock trio and you guys do a great job of dancing all over the line between too loose and too tight. Nice work, best of luck with the remaining 2/3rds.