Free de-esser plugin

It’s free, it’s a de-esser plugin (based on the classic dbx902) and you can download it here:


Mike you rock, thanks much. A De-Esser is actually something I was looking forward to seeing from you and free makes it only that much better(And I have a rack of 900 series DBX stuff, not the desser, but the stuff I have isn’t bad at all) so I expect good things;)


Ooooh… can’t wait to use this!

Awesome. This will be very useful. Thanks!

Thanks so much linuxdsp!

Thank you linuxdsp. It’s very helpful!

it must be my lucky day, this is just what i need RIGHT NOW!
thank you so much.

theres nothing worse than a singer that manages to bring out the worst symbalance in a mic! now you can calm it down!!