Free audio unit or LADSPA vocal pitch plugin?

I’ve found allot of quality plugins in LADSPA format, but I haven’t found anything that can do pitch correction for vocals so far. I know that Ardour’s gonna have audio units support, but I’m not interested in buying Antares vocal toolkit, and I’m trying to resist the urge to just pirate it

Does anyone know of anything for either format that could work? Heck, I’d probably even be open to paying a litte something for a plugin, but I’m just trying so see how much farther this free/open source thing can take me.

clam sms tools can do this, but it seems pretty unstable on large files and won’t work in real time.
you can get it from ccrma’s repo.
good luck.

I have the same problem… I’ve found GVST ( free plug-in, but haven’t try it.

Anyone ever get anywhere on this? I’d like to find one that is AU or LADSPA. I found a couple for VST, but as I’ve discovered, VST support on Mac in Ardour isn’t exactly easy to do.

Someone actually linked to a LADSPA ‘auto-tune’ plugin lsewhere on these forums. It was useful for an effect, but not very good when you didn’t want it obvious IMO at the time I listened to it. Maybe more has been done on it since then.

Then of course for AU you have selections from the commercial plugin makers that you can buy.


I believe this is the link you’re referring to:
Auto Talent!

See here for a ubuntu package: