Fragments (metal)

Hi all,

I recently bought a Jackson Warrior, so I decided to use it to record something heavy and epic, and this came out:

As usual, everything recorded in Ardour 6, and using free plugins (DrumGizmo, Calf, Dragonfly Reverb, Yoshimi). Guitars recorded using my POD X3 Live instead, stacking rhythm guitars in 4 tracks rather than the usual 2, to give more punch as I did already in another song called “Frozen Ground”.

Hope you’ll enjoy this!



When you say you stacked 4 rhythm guitars, you mean 4 records?
I usually have 2 tracks for rhythm guitars, but split their output to additional bus tracks for the punchy and presence effect. Maybe I’m wrong doing this, but I found it was a cheap way to reduce the recording process (with all the glitches I can put in one recording session, I have that good reason ^^)

Yes, I mean I record four separate tracks for the same rhythm part. Usually I also record just two, that I then pan on the far left and right respectively: watching this video, though, I found out that Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth (whose style I’ve always looked at for rhythm guitar parts) stacks more of them instead, and reading around it looks like he uses A LOT of them for the job (which probably explains why his guitar parts always sound so incredibly tight). I went with 4, but rather than 2 100% L and 2 100% R as the second link suggests, I placed the additional two a bit closer to the center instead, so that the pairs don’t really overlap: not sure if this makes sense, but I thought I’d do it to avoid too many frequencies stepping over each other (which may be the point, though?).

I can totally relate to the glitches part and trying to optimize the recording process: actually, I’m such a clumsy player that, with 4 tracks to record where I had to play the same thing aligned with the others and precisely every time, I managed to do so many trial&errors that I eventually got Ardour to crash :grin: Basically, since every undo I did to re-record a part wasn’t removing the file, all those unused files in the session caused too many open file descriptors, which exceeded the range of a system call Ardour uses. Luckily enough I found out about the “Session cleanup” feature to get rid of those unused files and fix the problem, because otherwise it would have meant learning to play better than I currently do, and that’s not happening for sure… :rofl:

You can also use the “Stop and forget” feature while recording (Ctrl+Space) but you must have the reflex to use it when you stop recording a bad session.

I will try your 4 parts panning, thanks for the hint o_/

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