[FR] Job offer. Street theater run by Ardour

Hi there !

I search someone for replace me on a french wandering street theater show.
All the live mix is done by ardour with some scripts for the pre-recorded audio & midi tracks, controlled by OpenStageControl.

It is one week of rehearsals for work together, and two time two days of performances, at Lyon and Paris.
Both in may / june.

Skills :
Ardour and linux’s audio, HF mics, live & theater mix and operation of a PA system for 300-500 peoples in the audience, network & wifi in dense area.

For an overview of the show : https://www.plateformecollectif.com/seul-e-s

I have another work on theses performances, so i can’t be here, and this is the two last performances of this show.

Obviously, all worked day is paid.
Is someone interested ?

Thanks !


Nice to see my opinion confirmed that Ardour really has to see with a « professional tool ».
Not for me because, neither I have the availability, nor the skills, but, maybe, you should specify wether the rehearsal days are considered as « working days ».
Just because nine days payed aren’t the same as two days.

I don’t find how to edit the post.
Yes, all the rehearsal days are paid, as rehearsal, so half. And for performances, it is one day for mount and general rehearsal, and on by perf.

Sure, Ardour is a professional tool !
It’s the simplest way for me to do what the theater director want, both technically and ethically.



I might be available and I’m near by if you still need someone.

I don’t have time to look at the project right now, but send me some infos to contact@nomystempar.fr or in mp.

Mail sent, thank you for the message :wink:

Hi Wargreen,

I’m also interested if you’re still looking for someone.
I think I fit the profile pretty well and the project looks really cool :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m happy to get in touch with you if you send me your infos : tobinea@gmail.com

You’ve got a new mail !

Hey, have you got my mail ?

It is so funny, the title of this thread made me realize the bubble I live in. I immediately thought [FR] is a tag for “Feature Request” :joy::sweat_smile:

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Got it and answer it today, sorry for the delay.