Four Months On Tuesday

A new tune done with a nightly Ardour build and a shiny new OvertoneDSP RV500 Plate reverb plugin… A heavy blues in 6/8 time…

It kind of shocks me when someone can get such a raw, authentic sound on a computer in this day.You really recaptured that sound. Did you play the drums in Hydrogen? What would you do to get them to sound so realistic?

nice! The vocals almost seem too clean and clear for the style though. Just my opinion. Great feel though.

Hi guys, thanks so much for the comments…


I kind of understand what you mean but on the other hand the computer is just going to reproduce the sounds you feed into it, so if you feed it raw vintage sounds the end result should sound raw and vintage… I’m a bit of a ‘sound’ nut and although I’m not ‘stuck in the 60’s’ I absolutely adore the sounds of that time period (ie 67-72). At that time the recording equipment and techniques had really improved exponentially however the available effects and amplification methods etc were pretty limited to tube amps, tape-based delays and rich plate reverbs. On a song like this which is obviously influenced by blues filtered through a power trio from that era I try to just use sounds that are from that period. I recently got the opportunity to sample a Ludwig drumkit with the John Bonham (Led Zep) shell sizes (ie huge 26" kick, 14" Tom and 16 and 18" Floor toms) so that drumkit although it doesn’t have the exact Led Zep sound it has a great raw powerful bluesy sound just by virtue of the shell sizes. I created a Hydrogen kit and am working on SFZ and SF2 kits to accompany the ‘Black Pearl’ Kits and I programmed the drums in Hydrogen, I wish I could explain ‘how’ but I just really had the sound in my head first and twiddled around in Hydrogen until it sounded like I wanted, perhaps when the kit is released I can put up the H2 song file so people can take a look… I’m sure if I asked you how you come up with those melodic guitar lines and sweet microtonal bends in your songs you would have a similar answer…:slight_smile: As far as the rest the guitar is just plugged straight into my little Fender Pro Junior tube amp with no pedals or anything I just turn up the amp and let the tubes do their thing. linuxDSP (aka OvertoneDSP) recently released a Plate Reverb plugin and as usual it has the attention to detail and just nails that authentic studio plate sound so most of the sound processing is his plate and his DYN500 compressors with the Calf Vintage Delay… anyway probably far more detail than required, but look for the new drumkit to be released early in the new year…


Hi! I kinda agree with you, but on the other hand that ‘Black Keys’ tubed out vocal sound is tiresome to listen to and has become too prevalent IMHO which has also puzzled me because the Black Keys singer truly has an amazing voice unlike me…but I digress… Something in between ‘clean condenser mic’ and natty tube saturation would indeed be nice but I haven’t found it yet, any suggestions? Perhaps this is an opening for a new infamous plugin? The “bluesulator vocal processor LV2”… insert single nostril width caucasian warbling and output 100% bluespower!

You could try tap tubewarmth. It will give you a little more mid emphasis like the classic cream recordings without necessarily getting saturation. Also you might consider trying a subtle spring reverb on the vocals just for character. Just some ideas to get that classic recording sound. As for the bluesator, I’ll add it to the list, I could use that one myself :slight_smile:


Great tip on TAB tubewarmth, I’ve seen it in the plugin list for years but there are so many LADSPA’s that are quirky/lethal that I’ve avoided it. Just as you said it has some subtlety to it and seems like it would be a nice little toaster oven for Hammonds, Wurlitzers and Rhodes sounds too… Thanks!