Four-channel recording on os-x

Can Ardour record 4 tracks from two different 2-channel devices on os-x?
I have a firewire 2ch box and need 4ch’s for a current project, can ardour use the two channels from the built in intelHD-chip and do
simultanoius 4-track recording?

Is this a Jack-thing?

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I don’t know about OSX, but as of now, jack can only handle one device at a time. I think jack2 will be more flexible but I may have heard wrong.

You can build an “aggregate device” using Applications->Utilities->Audio MIDI Setup. Then tell JACK to use that device.

For linux heads, this is equivalent, roughly, to setting up an ALSA “multi” device, except that there is a nice little GUI for it.

Note that you must be a user with administrative priviledge for this to work, even though there will no errors or warnings if you are not.

BTW, even though this is possible, its a bad idea. I’m not going to explain why here - there are lots of references to this if you google for the idea.

whats the difference between 2 channel and 4 channel. Perfect electronics info and component.

I actually like it better for linux heads because of the fact that it is equivalent to setting up an ALSA “multi” device

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whats the difference between 2 channel and 4 channel?? sikiş