Found A New Way - DEMO


Another demo, finished in Ardour 8 with AVL Drumkits Blonde Bop, setBfree and I used Audio Damage’s ‘Other Desert Cities’ for the cool skittery stutter delay. This one was done with a Baritone telecaster and a custom Baritone acoustic guitar.

Found A New Way - DEMO


Wow, great performance with that great vibe!


I could not agree more Edrick! nice one! keep them coming! :slight_smile:


This has a good sound. A good song. Nice to listen to. I want to hear more!


Heavy in a newtonian sense: very solid. Thanks, man. Keep at it. Presence… A song-writing tutorial this isn’t, but damm close… :pray: The baritones suit your voice well. Solid.


Hmmm, I can’t seem to edit the first post to change the link, anyway… I did quite a bit more work on this tune and simply wanted to post an updated link so here it is:

Found A New Way - DEMO - New Mix

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The Vocals and Bluesharp are crisp and clear.
I also like the vocal harmonics.

What I don’t like is:

  • The biggest issue (I think) is regarding the low end / low mids. When listening to the song, I immediately felt: “wow, that’s a lot of boom down there”. Probably this is coming from the bass or the guitars. Try to find out whether the bass is just too loud in general, or whether bass (and/or guitars) need some EQ cutting around 150Hz to make it sound better.
  • During the verse, the vocals sit in the mix very well. But during the choruses, they seem to be pushed back by something. Or maybe the “found a new way” part has a lower overall volume than the verse (because it is in a lower vocal range)?
  • The shakers during the bridge jump out a little bit too much for my taste.

Just my 2 cents.
Best regards.

Hi, first thanks for listening and for the valuable feedback!

As far as the deep bass phenomenon it is actually a synthesizer (Fabfilter Twin3) ‘Cinematic Boom’ patch… I added it in a few places for err… uhm… gravitas. It is not throughout the whole thing but it does make the subwoofers take notice when it deploys…lol

I would agree the Vocals lose some natural mass in the Choruses, The Verses are in my so-called ‘big voice’ comfort range but the Choruses aren’t… I may need to boost them a bit more, thanks for mentioning it…

I’m a percussion junkie so sometimes I get a little fader happy on the percs, I find in modern music percussion is often too muted (or not there at all)… I often like to do programmed drums with hand played percs to loosen things up a bit but unfortunately my moderate constant tinnitus and early hearing loss is right at the percussion frequency so that is an area I’m flying a bit blind in…

Thanks for the feedback, I’m enjoying your posted stuff here too! :slightly_smiling_face:

Great song again with some very tasty additions and sounds. Grooves a bit like Superstition. There’s a lot going on, this is one of those tracks that makes you discover new things every time you listen to it. The bridge at 2:45 is golden, love it.

But over here on my headphones it’s distorting in the lower regions, most noticeable on the floor toms but also on the vocals at the beginning of the chorus.