Found a bug in ardour what do I do

I’m running Linux but when I click sections very fast from the time line back and forth along the song length eventually ardour freezes. I know it’s not what anyone would do be doing in a normal human workflow but I just found it out and tried it on mixbus version 5 but it didn’t seem to work so I assume it’s a ardour 6 issue.

This useful info:

After creating a backtrace (assuming you get it to freeze again), file the bug at and be sure to attach the log along with a brief description of what caused the crash (i.e. something along the lines of what you just posted).

Don’t think I can report this one, bug tracker seems to be buggy itself, I keep getting application error.

Never mind I was able to get it done

doesn’t seem buggy when I use it though it does require a separate login than this discourse forum…

He might be referring to the timeout issue if one takes too long to type out the bug report.

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that’s true I complained about that in the past about the time-out being way too short… I don’t understand why there would be one to begin with…

Please do not discuss this issue here. The bug is in Mantis, and they have their own bug tracker. The bug has existed for decades, and they have many different bug reports about it. The bug has not been fixed so far.