Forums do not allow login while browsing privately

I’m sorry to post this here, but there’s no thread for “forum suggestions”.

I just noticed that with Firefox set to private browsing (and other privacy/security settings in place) and using TOR, I am unable to log in to these forums. I get no error message. The page simply reloads and I’m still not logged in. I even put in my TOR whitelist and that made no difference, so it’s something to do with private browsing.

Just saying. You might want to look into this. I had to open a completely different browser to log in and post.


I just logged in in ‘Private Browsing’ mode in Firefox 11.0, and am posting this in private browsing mode, with no issues. So it seems there is something else going on there, sorry.


Yes, there is - cookies! I had Firefox set to accept no cookies. What’s lame is that you can set Firefox to accept all cookies, with a list of exceptions, but not to accept no cookies, with a list of exceptions. Maybe there’s an add-on for this.

These forums require cookies. Maybe change that to use session vars if cookies are not set?


Would require a very deep change in the software most likely (Drupal) which isn’t likely to happen. Sorry. In fact there are issues open about this in drupal that are 7+ years old as it isn’t an easy thing to solve apparently, though I haven’t dug into all the details.


Hi audiodef.

Maybe you can try CS lite :

CS Lite allows you to set the permission of the cookie every domain from toolbar.

Firefox does that by itself, as I recently figured out. Having no reason not to want cookies from, I’ve added an exception for it in Firefox. Problem solved.