Forum Accesswith an old IPad

just to mention that I cannot anymore reach the forum page with my old IPad,it opens a white page …
I can acess it with an IPhone or with my computer though.

Make sure you do a hard refresh on the iPad browser(Can’t remember how to do it). I had a problem yesterday or the day before with the styling information not loading correctly once on my ChromeOS device, and from then on the cache caused an issue until I did a hard refresh. Once I did that everything was back to normal.


HI ,
Thanks for the tip, though it didn’t work yet.

How old is the iPad? Could this be some SSL cert issue, specific to

I know that older OSX systems don’t work with some sites due to unsupported encryption algorithms and/or expired certs on the device.

Do other discourse instances render correctly? e.g.

Hi Robin,
The IPad is from…2012 !!!
I can access Ardour’s site,navigate to downloads and “develoment” pages ,but not to the forum neither to the news.
Thanks a lot for your reactivity.
BTW ,Something wich has nothing to see with the subject:
I have a RME soundcard with an"enable mmcs for ASIO" option,Should I activate it while using ARDOUR,because with some softwares it is said that it is better to disable it.
sorry for the off topic and thanks again.

It looks like it has been reported to Discourse and fixed. See:

Thank you for your answer.
Though I had not been able yet to make it work .
I will have to change the device soon anyway.

Thanks for the heads up!

We regularly update discourse (every time there’s anew upstream release, perhaps once every month). So if this is fixed upstream, this site should eventually work, too.

I don’t know what happened but Ardour is back on my IPad!!!