(for developper) linux equivalent of Metric AB plugin needed

Hi ! This just to give a suggestion to linux plugin developpers to do an equivalent of the Metric AB plugin. I think it can be a really good add.

Maybe Vladimir Sadovnikov ?

Thank you and have a good day !

This one https://www.adptraudio.com/metric-ab?
Have you tried to contact the vendor and asked them for a Linux version?

Hi Robin !
The link you showed is the original windows/mac metric AB plugin
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I haven’t made contact yet but i will …
Anyway i think it’s a good suggestion (in fact a must) for Linux plugin developers.

For what it’s worth, while we wait for a native linux app, I can tell you that Metric AB works pretty well under wine with yabridge. Plugin Alliance frequently has deals and coupons; I think I picked it up last fall for ~US$30. Honestly, I’ve spent better money, but they have a 14 day trial (at least through Plugin Alliance). Give it a go and see if you find value in it.


Thank you Manuel. Good short time solution for me. But for the linux community, i think my suggestion is good because there is any linux plugin helping to compare your mix.

If you have any tips for successfully installing the Plugin Alliance Installation Manager (I assume this is required), let me know. I installed it on my copy of AVLinux, but when I start the Installation Manager, it fails, and didn’t see any obvious tips or workarounds online.

Sorry, I haven’t had any troubles with the installer (v1.2.4). I’m currently using yabridge 5.0.2 and wine-7.20 staging on Linux Mint 20.04.

I have had some issues with some plugins not installing completely, i.e. little bits not getting copied from the install Temp folder (usually samples or presets) and have had to do some manually.

I usually use the installer, but if you go to Your Account -> Manage Your Licenses on the website, there should be installers for individual plugins (even for trials).

Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

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If this helps anyone else, I upgraded a system I have to wine 8 staging, and was able to install and start PA Installation Manager with no problem. I don’t know if it will play well with everything else, though :frowning: Ah, the Linux life :slight_smile:

I think it’s a great idea.
It doesn’t have to be as sophisticated as Metric AB, but a simple file loader and an A/B button at the Master bus would be very helpful.

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My wife sent a message to www.adptraudio.com. People listening. They responded quickly and seem interested in producing linux versions of their plugins, but they would like to have resources about it, My wife invited them here. They asked if there was a community of linux audio plugin developers ?

I hope the Admins of this forum read this - and make a category for plugins.
Ardour can become more plug an play for normal user, if plugins are available as with windows or mac systems. Easy download and install. A category would help a lot here.

Admins of these forums are reading, and have already responded in your other thread you posted. My stance has not yet changed. There are other places that are serving this purpose that were posted in that thread, and I personally (speaking for myself not the others) am not convinced it really helps for Ardour to become ‘yet another’ one of these that would already been seen as focused on one DAW and not the platform of Linux.

Any further discussion not focused on this specific topic (An AB plugin or workflow solution) should really be happening in that thread or another thread as appropriate, rather than turning this thread into a duplicate of an already existing and recent thread.

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I would direct them to the Linux Musicians site. There are a number of plugin developers active there, with lots of experience in the various plugin standards and techniques.

There’s also the libreAV web portal, where you can find updates and contact info on all sorts of (libre) audio software creators and what not… Could be worth a visit ?

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