Font and icon themes for Ardour 8.6

After reinstalling my system and Ardour 8.6, some of the text look larger than they should be, while others stay intact. Also, the icon theme was set to Tango instead of what I was used to in previous versions (probably Breeze). Are there configuration files to change after installing? I’m using Slackware -current and a self-compiled Ardour 8.6, and the DE is Plasma 5. Thanks in advance!

(Edit: screenshots added with the font size difference present)

Is this a distro build of ardour, or the one from ?

The source is from (It’s installed from a SlackBuild which is essentially compiling from source :))

I am about 99.9% certain that the build from (there’s a free/demo version always available) will not show this behavior.

I guess the issue is that binaries from ardour never used the system’s theme, and since 8.4 (ytk) even distro builds ignore any custom gtk2.rc and system themes.

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Thanks for the replies! Testing the binary build, will report back later

The binary build indeed scales correctly, is there a way to make custom builds scale correctly too? I tried replacing the setting files in /etc with ones in the binary (/opt), to no avail.

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