Follow Range not working?

Hi there,

Since upgrading to 7.0 then 7.1 on a macbook, it seems that the option Follow Range doesn’t seem to work. The Edit window display stays at the same place during playback, whatever the setting. Any hint?

Thanks in advance,


Does it always happen or does it only happen when you are at the very start of the session? For me, the latter has been a standing bug since I can remember. In fact, I was about to create a post asking if it was just me, or if it something affecting others before reporting as a bug.

On the other hand, if the play head is not at the beginning, it follows fine for me. (But I am on Linux…)

No, it always happens, wherever I am in the session. I tried to deactivate/activate the feature while playing the session, and while the playhead is currently in the window, but to no avail.

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