Follow Range and Auto Return not working

The Follow Range and Auto Return buttons don’t seem to behave consistently. I know it’s not a bug and something is wrong somewhere on my system, but I don’t know what. Follow Range doesn’t seem to work, and Auto Return “sticks” on auto-return after turning that button off.


Yes, I had this happen to me too a few days ago. After accidentally “clobbering” on some keys trying to switch screens, the Auto Return didn’t work until I clicked the button a few times and it “fixed” itself.
But since I can’t replicate it I don’t have anything substantial for a bug report (and in my case I don’t consider it a bug anyway, just a computer mishap).

Yes, the auto-return seems to have fixed itself, but the follow range continues to not work for me.

Hmm, I just tested it (Ardour 6.0.rc1.13) and Follow Range does work for me though. Any more info you could give to try and reproduce this ?

I do get “[ERROR]: bad transition, current state = Stopped/WaitingForButler/Forwards event = LocateDone” messages in log, however.

I’m on 5.12. I know it works. It’s worked with this version for me in the past. Maybe I need to rm or rename my prefs dir and let Ardour reset.

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