Folder track >give you> edit midi tracks at once + step sequencer + comping

ardour idea subfolder

also folder track can be use as step sequencer in midi and comping if subfolder tracks are audio


This reminds me a bit of the rich midi-editing environment I was used to in the days I used Sonar, long time ago. A seperate piano-roll window with all midi tracks/channels as layers on top of each other. A bit like what you see in grapical programs like Gimp or Inkscape. Choosing different colors per track/channel, lock or unlock, hide or unhide tracks/channels for editing. You could easily edit different tracks at once. Very efficient and great for creating polyphonic midi-music (brass section for instance).

Ardour is great in many aspects and has improved a lot on the midi-front. And I really don’t want to open a very old discussion on inline- versus pianoroll editing (I still do hope that one day… :wink: ) So yeah, as an idea for Ardour to bundle (midi) tracks for easier in one-place editing (and more functionality), you have my vote.

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