Foldback buses usability

Hi guys!

Working on a new laptop and therefore new installation (Ardour 6.9 on Mint 20.2)… I haven’t used the foldback buses too much in the past, I just switched to monitoring via Ardour for the first time now on a bigger project…

Something I don’t get and I think it is a bug:

  • Every time I reopen the Ardour session (and I haven’t opened other sessions in days), all foldback buses are reset in a way, that all the signals that are sent to them are enabled! I don’t need all signals enabled all the time, so I often disable some of them (so that the green dot turns grey in the foldback bus). But this state somehow is not saved, or it gets reset when opening the session… Is this design or a bug?


  • I’m pretty sure that in a former Ardour version it was possible to see multiple foldback buses at once, side by side, in the mixer view. IIRC, it was possible to change the with of the visible area of the foldback buses by dragging the border to the left/right… Having multiple monitor mixes now, it is cumbersome for me to only see one at a time and click through them one by one… Is there another way to see more than one simultaneously?

How do you use foldback busses?

  • The monitors for the musicians have two purposes for me: One is monitoring while recording, the other is listening to what we’ve already tracked… These are two completely different setups IMHO… While recording, everyone needs to hear themselves best, then for listening to it, it should be a relatively balanced rough mix (maybe more effects than while recording, different panning probably…), to get a feeling where the whole thing might be going…
  • What I’ve done in the past is to mix to an extra “pro forma master” bus at the very end of the mix path, that is routed to master out and all headphone mixes… This way the engineer can mix freely while the band is playing, and then have them listen to the rough mix… Still - depending on how you go about it - you might have to turn the mix-signal on and off in the individual headphone mixes when switching from recording to listening mode and back…
  • So maybe there is a better way to handle this. How do you go about this?

Thanks and best regards

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