Focusrite Saffire Pro 10

I’m going to buy an used Focusrite Saffire Pro 10, but I wanted to be sure about its usability on linux and ardour before.
According to the ffado page about it, the support is complete, but it looks like there’s a bug while on freewheeling mode, as reported here:
What I need to understand is the bug still exists (sometimes bugs just disappear, or are resolved from another upgrade and are forgotten) or, eventually, if the related alsa/firewire stack (the Saffire seems to be compatible with the snd-bebob driver) has the same problem too.
Does anyone here have such a device?

Thank you for your help,


I got in touch with the original developer of the new alsa/firewire stack and he suggested to avoid the Saffire Pro 10 because of that bug. It actually works fine with jack using the alsa/firewire module, but changing sampling settings still is an issue with the poweroff problem.
The whole thread is available here, if anyone is interested: