Fly Me to the Moon


This is a little tune cooked up on a whim, after traveling to Cuba last year I had this latin arrangement for Fly Me to the Moon in my head so with help of my bass playing friend and bandmate Pete it’s now out of my head.

This was done in Ardour3b5 and the percussion stuff is just stuff I have laying around, probably not terribly legit latin instruments but hey as a Canadian farmboy how legit could my latin be anyway…? gotta love those rhythms though!

Pete plays the bass and I’m doing everything else on this particular tune.

Comments. Critiques and Questions welcomed,

Song is here:

I love it!

Nice playing, arrangment, singing, recording and mix.

“In other words, baby… hehehe”

GMaq: I love it. I agree that a flute would sound great, but wouldn’t have thought of it had Ricardus not mentioned it. Nice Work!

Hi fernesto,

Thanks for taking time to listen and comment.

Hey nice job on mastering those video’s, I enjoyed watching them. I can see I have a lot to learn about ‘real’ latin music styles. I hear what you mean about the bass, when we were tracking the song the bass players preamp died and we ended up going direct which made it a challenge to get that punchier sound you are referring to, maybe if we get time we’ll try it again.

Haha Nice!!!

I would bring the bass up, a little less guitar, a little more percussion and it can definetly use some wind instrument, not necessarily a flute, note that in latin music the brass instruments tend (as in not always and not a rule but in most cases) to replace the mid frequencies that electric guitars put on a standard rock band while doing fills or solos, and the bass is pretty big, is what gives the mood and the rhythm, no bass… no azúcar!

i did enjoy it, and am glad to see you uploading music, thanks for sharing! and thanks for the effort in AVLinux!

I wil also share 3 songs i’ve mastered in Mixbus from live performance stereo recording from the mixer, all three are very good venezuelan artists (i’m from Venezuela), all three share that big bass im writing about.

best regards!

Nice. I always liked this song.

Most of the percussion it too forward to my ear, but I like it.

And it needs flute.

Hi Ricardus

Thanks for taking time to listen, the flute is a great suggestion…except for the pathological hatred I have of flutes stemming from being forced to play it in high school music class… maybe adding it to this song could get me over it. Any flautists in the building?

I am a big fan of the Quincy Jones arrangement of this tune that he did for Sinatra. It’s just not FMTTM without flutes! :slight_smile:

Hi Gmaq, What a fun track, great idea. I really dig the old frank sinatra version of this song. I think fernesto made a really good point on the bass and brass part. More bass…maybe a bass sound with a little more amplitude in the attack, and a horn sounds seems like it would fit well with the rest of the track.
Before the vocals drop, maybe a 20-30 second instrumental intro would sound pretty nice in my opinion. Cheers