Fluidsynth preset constantly resetting

Hi there!

This problem is driving me nuts. I imported standard midi files from musescore to ardour 4. Then I used fluidsynth to change the instrument or sound of the track to a soundfont (sf2) I downloaded. Then I selected a preset I wanted to use. Every time I start the song, the preset goes back to the same preset over and over again but when I change it during the song it works. Please help, I only want to use soundfonts on midi files…


The musescore midi has change code at the beginning. In the midi editor select control messages from the pulldown instead of velocity and you will see it. Then just delete it.

Does the beginning of the MIDI region have patch-changes to set the instruments?

I think so. At the left bottom of the track, it is written Path 45 or the MIDI instrument when I turn it to General MIDI.

I still have the problem, I bump the thread.

I fixed it by simply using the internal edit mode and deleting the patches…

Topic’s over.