FluidSynth not showing sf2 selection


First of all, thank you very much for bringing my love of home-recording back to life.

I’m using Ardour 4, built from source with no errors. After adding a midi-track, I added a Calf FluidSynth as Insert. When trying to configure the synth, it only shows the generic controls. I can not select a soundfont.

Previously, I used Ardour 3 from the distro’s repositories. That one did show the synth’s own config dialog.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OS: Ubuntu Studio 14.04.2, x64

Thanks again.

You built it incorrectly. Use a free demo download from http://nightly.ardour.org/ if you have not paid for Ardour 4 yet. This will verify that the problem is your build environment (probably missuing SUIL).

Problem solved, thank you very much!
You were right, it was a missing SUIL.