fluidsynth: how to choose instruments:

I have Ardour 5.3.0 and fluidsynth, apparently as a plugin because it is not reported as installed. I have several sf2 files, and can midi play one sound in each. Can I please be told how to select the various instruments in the sf2 files thank you very much.

Oops, should have said A Fluid Synth. Can these posts be edited?

Did you try changing your MIDI Program channel? Usually the Program Change number will scroll through the sounds of your SoundFont.

Why didn’t I think of that? Can you tell me where to find my MIDI program channel?

You should also be able to send the Program Change from your Keyboard controller, assuming you are using one.

Thankyou, Mr. Penguin and Mr. Lexridge.

I will have to look through the Ardour manual again to try to find the meanings of:
MIDI Region
MIDI track header

I would really like to see some GUI evidence of how any particular SF2 file is organized. With Calf Fluidsynth, I get a table that I can enter 16 patch names from a long scroll display of patch names (which unfortunately hangs the system sometimes). With the a-Fluidsynth, I can get different sounds by setting my keyboard (Oxygen8v2) to various of 16 midi channels, but banks, patches, patch names, etc. are a mystery.

Thank you, changing the MIDI instrument works as LeatusPenguin noted, by “region_name>MIDI>Insert Patch Change”

In Ardour 5.11.4 the display seems to be dependant on the 1st plugin in the given track: As an example:

If it is “General MIDI Synth”, it is “Marimba”.
If it is “a-Fluid Synth”, it is “prg 13 bnk 1”. With selected General Midi SF2, it is “Marimba”.

If it is “Calf Fluidsynth” (with selected General Midi SF2), it is “Patch 13”.

So I would say this works as intended for some plugins - for external MIDI hardware one can insert the “General MIDI Synth” and keep it deactivated to get the GM names.