Fluida GUI window opens slowly in Ardour

I noticed that when trying to use the plugin “Fluida” that the GUI window opens up slowly.
Once this plugin is added to a MIDI track, when you go to open its GUI it takes about 6-7 seconds, a noticeable pause occurs.
Not sure if this is something with Ardour or the Fluida plugin itself?
Was wondering if anyone else experiences this?

Thank You

Still interested if anyone is willing to confirm.
Just as important would be responses saying that this does not occur on your system, would be just as helpful as well.

Thank You

Dunno if this is helpful, as I don’t have a Fluida plugin installed on my Linux system.

I just created a new Ardour session, and added a MIDI track to it with the instrument ACE FluidSynth.

I could navigate to various .SF2 files without any apparent lag.

Thank you for response but yeah this is specific issue I am having with the Fluida plugin itself. Still interested if anyone has anything to share.