Floating window suggestions

This post is regarding how different types of floating windows are handled in Ardour.
These suggestions are based on Linux version but I would imagine same for other versions as well.
This might have been a waste of time but hopefully someone will find at least some of this useful.
I apologize if any of this is already possible.

In Ardour it appears that floating windows are set to open up wherever your mouse cursor is on screen. There is value to this because your mouse cursor is already in that location but this is not really expected behavior. Many times it has been said that things in Ardour are done based on what the “standard” is. However, in most programs, dialog boxes always appear in the center of your screen, I have not personally ever seen a program base floating windows on mouse cursor position.

Just an example, has anyone ever used the windows “x” to close Ardour and then looked to center of screen for dialog and see nothing, thinking oh I might not have hit it and then you look up in the corner of the window to click the “x” again and see the little dialog box in the corner asking “are you sure you want to quit?”, not sure if I am the only one who has done this?

Some may prefer the current method, so I am mentioning this as possibly being added as an OPTION for users to choose the behavior, because as mentioned there is value in both approaches.

Just for a second I want to point out that there is a section in Preferences called “Quirks”, I like that :slight_smile: This may be the perfect location to add this setting to.

Current Properties:
-Linked to mouse cursor location.
-Has ability to remember the last size used, which I really like.
-Takes up no less than 55-60% of screen width.

-Allow this window to open in center for your screen by default (as mentioned in above section).
-Along with remembering the size, it would also be nice for this window to remember the last location user moved it to (like how plugin windows currently do)

If the two suggestions just mentioned above are added this next one may not be needed because user can just adjust manually, but still would be convenient.

-This window currently makes use of the snap windows to edge of screen features found in most OS. However this window only works with the dragging of the window to the top of the screen to maximize. Could be nice to have the left or right screen edge snaps as well to make this window snap to either side of screen (maybe cannot because the minimum import window width is over 50%?)

Mixer Channels & Sidebar Mixer Channel
Current Properties:
-Plugin windows by default cover up the mixer channel strip effect chain (because windows are based on mouse location)

-Window locations are remembered if user moves them (I like this, nice if want to organize windows to be able to view more than one plugin at same time side by side, unfortunately these locations do not get saved with project, have to setup each time you open Ardour)

-If allow plugin windows by default to open up in center of screen would work for sidebar mixer channel, but center of screen might still block mixer channel strip depending on how big plugin GUI window is, but still nice if in center. Could also if possible make plugin windows open up snapped to the right / left side of that specific mixer channels veritcal strip rectangle.

-Not sure if possible / desired by others, but allow an OPTION to be able to save the window locations of plugins along with the project.

Plugin Window Test:
(If possible not just read but if anyone up to it, actually try this)
-Say you have 1 instrument plugin & 8 effects in a mixer channel
-Now say you want to open up that instrument & all 8 effect windows to view them all at the same time on your screen
You have to DOUBLE CLICK on each one to open them (or Ctrl+RMB) but each time you do that window opens up covering all the buttons so you have to move each window into location to access the other plugin button, to then double click on again and do this process over & over & over.
-Then say you are done with these plugin windows for a little while and now you want to close them all for now, you have to manually close each window (but maybe will want to open them all up again soon)
And this is just one mixer channel, what if use a few.

Might not be exact use case by others, but just trying to prove point, does not really feel all that effecient to me personally, not sure if anyone else agrees? From many other posts I have made regarding efficiency of plugin windows, I might be the only Ardour user that has the desire to view more than one plugin at a time :slight_smile:

If opened using the Menu Bar “Edit” dropdown menu, does not open where mouse is exactly, but is also not in the center of the screen. Should probably be fixed to open in center of screen.

There are many floating windows in Ardour, not going to explain each floating window but hopefully I have gotten my point across.
-Import Window
-Keyboard Shortcuts
-Open / Save as
-Exit program confirmation dialog
-Plugin Windows (GUI/Generic)
-Various other setting dialogs, etc.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read all of this.
Hopefully taking the time to create this post will have been worth it.
Interested if anyone else agrees with any of the items that I have mentioned?
Thanks again

I’m currently pretty bugged by the fact that the preferences window ALWAYS opens on lower-left of my one display, whereas Ardour runs on the other display.
So if that could be made determined, where it opens, I would really appreciate that.

Thank you for your reply.

I am still interesting in hearing from other users as well.
Being that some of this behavior is not typical with any other programs, I am again surprised no users agree with anything mentioned?

Thank You

The Session Setup window not opening in the center of the screen for either Windows or Linux has bothered me for years. This is especially annoying on Windows, because the “Quit”, “Back” and “Open” buttons end up behind the taskbar, so you have to move the window to be able to make a selection. On Linux I have a dock that auto-hides, so I don’t have to move the window, but it would still be preferred if it opened up more centered on the screen rather than against the bottom edge.

What it looks like on Windows:

On my system, Debian with the XFCE desktop, the new session dialog is always naturally centered.

Nevertheless, I just added another line of code that may enforce this for some other systems when the dialog is opened from the top level “Session” menu.

If the window is not centered when opened as the program starts up, there’s nothing we can do: Ardour asks the desktop for it to be centered, and if it isn’t, that’s the desktop manager’s problem, not ours.

Thanks, Paul. I’ll try out a nightly in the near future to see if it fixed things on my end. I hope my post’s wording didn’t rub you the wrong way. I think I gave the impression this was something that got under my skin when in fact it was something I never thought about outside the few seconds the window is open. Reading this post reminded me of it, so I figured I’d mention it here, but it wasn’t meant to be read too seriously. It bothers me as much as a pair of signs Caltrans installed on the wrong sides of Highway 166 and never corrected. Nothing functionally wrong, just aesthetically misaligned when you see it. :slight_smile: