Flip audio connections display?

Stupid question : how do I flip the display of audio connections ? :upside_down_face:
I don’t mean “flip outputs/inputs” but actually flipping the window display

I got used to have the inputs on the left and the outputs at the bottom.
This morning, the inputs are on the right side, and the outputs on the top of the window.
I don’t even know why or how it happenned :thinking:

It looks to me as if you had an output patchbay open. The patchbay changes its orientation based on wether its an input patchbay (sources on the left, inputs at the bottom) or an output one (Destinations on the right, outputs on top).
The linked page of the doc seems to say otherwise (should probably be corrected, note to self), whats important is : “in general, signal flow is from top or left to right or bottom”.

I’m opening the general patchbay (audio connections : alt+P) so I got all inputs and all outputs in the same window. And that’s what I’d like to flip :confused:

Then you probably are in the case described in the doc, you have more Destinations than Sources, so destinations are displayed vertically (and on the right to maintain the left/top to bottom/right paradigm). From the source code : “The list with the most channels goes on left or right, so that the most channel names are printed horizontally and hence more readable. However we also maintain notional `signal flow’ vaguely from left to right.”.

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