Flip a midi region


In Ardour 6.9.0 how can i flip a midi region around a vertical axis and about a horizzontal axis?
It’s possible to do it?



Regarding horizontal, you can use Region > Edit > MIDI > Transform:
subtract the current note-number from 127 (or any given mirror-axis value):

Regarding the vertical axis, I think you’re out of luck. Region >Reverse only works for audio. It is also somewhat ill defined for MIDI. You can render it to audio and then reverse it.

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Thanks, it works fine.

Regarding the vertical axis, for example in Rosegarden (Linux) it can be done: in the matrix editor, there are “Invert”, “Retrograde”, “Retrograde Invert” editing functions.
Retrograde function flip a midi region around the vertical axis.


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