flex pitch


I was wondering if there is a function like flex pitch in Ardour in order to use audio to score to create chords? many thanks for your help.


Yes, there’s a pitch shift function accessible by right clicking on a region and navigating the context menu. It effectively replaces part of the region with the modified audio, so if you want to make chords you should make some extra tracks (you’ll need them anyway) and duplicate the region to make as many copies as there are notes in the chords. You can either make fine changes for pitch correction or changes in semitone steps for transposing.

I’ve never thought of using it for chords; I’ve only ever used it for pitch correction on the odd note that was badly out.


Many thanks. But actually, If I record a drum loop per example, I would like a function who detect the the pitch of the note and and transpose it in midi note. like this https://ask.audio/articles/5-tips-for-working-with-logic-pro-xs-flex-pitch

Ardour does not currently offer this sort of facility. There are no plans to add it at any time in the foreseeable future. Although some parts of this type of functionality can be implemented easily, this sort of editing is extremely complex and there are no developers working on it. I don’t know precisely how long it would take to implement it, but I would guess on the order of 1 person-year at least. Perhaps less for monophonic material.

It seems like this would be better handled by a plugin rather than being a core feature of the DAW. I’m still not sure I completely understand the feature request, but I think this could be solved by some kind of auto-tune or sampler plugin if the different sounds are on individual mics.

Melodyne did it as a plugin, and ended up inventing a new plugin<->host communication API called ARA intended to make it work better and more efficiently. We were willing to support ARA in Ardour right from the beginning, but they continue to waffle about allowing an open source implementation of support for it. It’s pretty stupid.

@paul I’m wondering if there is any scope in LV2 to extend to ARA style plugins? I’m not talking about supporting ARA (as clearly this is Melodyne’s call), but I am wondering if such functionality may be powerful for Linux based plugin developers to experiment.

  • LV2 plug-in developer, (forgot that LV2 is crossplatform).