Fixed-time motion broken

In the manual section entitled “Working with Regions”, it states that fixed-time motion is possible using the right mouse button. I cannot get this to work in any version of Ardour 2.8 on OS X.

Is there a setting I’m missing to make this possible? It’s driving me absolutely batty having to very carefully note the exact time that pops up when dragging starts and then nudging left and right until it ends up at the right time when the region is on the new track.

@shabbyrobe: You've misread the manual, I'm afraid. Button2 (the term used in the old reference manual, which I think is what you read) refers to the middle button of a 3 button mouse. It does not refer to the 2nd button of a 2 button mouse. If you did not read the first time OS X users guide it would be worth doing so now.

We try to never use the right mouse button for anything except context menus and non-drag actions. If you check the OS X cheat sheet linked from the Support page), you will see that fixed time drag (page 2, Mouse Object Mode) is driven by the middle button. Unfortunately, unless you have added a 3 button mouse to your mac, you don't have any reasonable way to access a middle mouse button. I didn't intentionally try to annoy OS X users with this design - I just fundamentally disagree with Apple that a 2 button mouse is appropriate for interacting with professional applications.