Fishman Tripleplay and midi velocity data

Purchased a Fishman Tripleplay midi interface for guitar last year along with a windows 8 laptop. The host software has buttons to adjust the overall trigger sensitivity to accomodate fingerstyle playing. Problem is the host software transmits each string to a separate track. Bypassing the host software on the laptop I lose the sensitivity adjustment but fingerpicking is still doable. Transmits to a single midi channel also.

I use AVLInux 6 and Ardour subscription on my desktop. Tripleplay connects thru jack into a midi track on Ardour with no problem. It also responds well enough to a guitar pick but now the trigger threshold is high enough fingerpicking is not so useable. Is there any sort of app that will capture and boost velocity data before it reaches Ardour? I’m looking at qmidiroute but it’s unclear if it will do what I need.

If there is anyone online who is discussing Linux and the Tripleplay I haven’t found them yet.

you might look at mididings if the command line doesn't bother you. you might also consider Robin Gareus' set of LV2 plugins for manipulating MIDI data (*) (though this would not (normally) alter what Ardour actually records.

(*) the plugin package is called something like "x42-plugins", source code is at :


For the record both mididings and the X42-plugins are included in AV Linux 6.0.2, both are available as optional packages for older versions of AV Linux (6.0+) as well. Post here or at the AVL forums if you need more details.

I appreciate the replies. Although the X42 plugins sound interesting and I will be checking them out, I’m assuming I will need to manipulate the velocities before they reach Ardour. I don’t mind the command line. Hopefully the documentation for mididings will be more extensive than for qmidiroute.

The first thing I do after recording a midi sequence with the tripleplay in Reaper is select all notes in a region and set them all to a common velocity value. I don’t know much about midi protocol. Will the protocol allow a midi controller to transmit a midi note with a velocity of 0? When the sensitivity button is pressed in the host software is a message sent back to the transmitter to increase the gain in the electronics or does the software do some multiplication on the velocity data after it passes through the usb port? I don’t have a clue. Anyway as long the note shows up on the midi track, setting all notes to a common velocity makes the sequence relatively easy to clean up.

GMaq: I have bandwith limitations on my internet service so downloading an image file the size of AVL 6.02 is problematic for me. I purchased a disk from labeled as 6.01. I think I recall you saying I would have to have the 6.01b image to upgrade to 6.02 from the smaller package. System information says Debian 6.07 so I don’t really know what specifically I have installed. Is that information anywhere else on my installation?


That tripleplay looks incredible, Nice to hear the hardware is supported!

I have no direct affiliation with any OS Disc services, strange that they have 6.0.1… it was out for about 30 seconds and then almost immediately replaced with 6.0.1b however 6.0.1 should be a fine upgrade candidate for the hotfixupdate package bundle if that is an option for you and doesn’t exceed your bandwidth. Just make sure to read the PDF Readme first because the X42-Plugins package will replace some single LV2 packages that have to be removed before installing the bundle.

As far as the number confusion AV Linux 6.X.X is based on Debian 6.0.7, the fact that the numbers in both cases are prepended with ‘6’ is just a coincidence…

you can do that velocity operation directly in ardour as well.

@GMaq: If you’re a guitar player the tripleplay is worth checking out. A laptop with the supported software seems a necessity if it is used to perform with but I acquired it for midi sequencing. I have zero keyboard skills but found it fairly easy to mimic keyboards. If I can get the response to my liking I plan to liberate the laptop from Microsoft :slight_smile: I can handle the hotfixupdate download and will be upgrading soon. Thanks.

@Paul: You answered my next question. Previously I tried to find this function but was right clicking in the region area rather than on the selected notes. I see the option now. Is it possible to take this a step further and randomize the velocities?

rgkcalb: no, it is not.

For anyone who might be interested I found the following python diddy to be helpful with my tripleplay problem:


from mididings import *

client_name=‘TP Boost’,

run( Velocity(gamma=2.0))

gamma and curve do basically the same thing but I found gamma more useful. Running the script pops “TP Boost” up in jack. Route between tripleplay receiver and Ardour.

It would be better if you specify ‘jack-rt’ as backend. Otherwise you get an additional period of latecy. The ‘jack’-backend is only required for some functionality in the ‘extra’-module.

@dbra - I tried jack-rt initially had some problems with it, which I don’t remember the specifics. I haven’t had a lot of time yet to use the midding script I’ll most likely need to tweek a bit. It would be worth the effort revisit what you suggest. At that point it may clearer to me why the jack-rt parameter wasn’t working for me.