First track: prog(ish) rock instrumental

gulp Well, here goes…

Finally everyone is happy with this. It’s a prog(ish) rock instrumental called “Laetoli (a fragment of a track)”:

Ogg-5 (6.47 MB)

Ogg-10 (18.6 MB)

Flac (35.4 MB)

Two or three of the wavs were recorded under Windows, shortly before I discovered DeMuDi. Everything else has been recorded under Linux and it’s all been mixed using Ardour.

It was, perhaps, not the easiest choice for the first piece to record – it’s been a steep learning curve, not only making the transition from Windows to Linux but also learning music software and DAW recording from scratch. It has been fun though and made easier by all the useful information and help and advice on the lists, this forum and elsewhere. It might have been finished sooner had the guitarist not bought a new axe partway through and insisted on re-recording a load of parts :wink:

Hope you like it, feedback welcome.


PS Plus a big thank you to Paul for Jack and Ardour, for this website and forum and the help and advice he gives here.