First track (idm/breakcore live)

Finally, i made a track with Ardour, and other stuff
It was long, it’s quite a first non-perfect shoot, but it wont be the last

Any comments welcome


Very impressive that this was done live, you must be pretty busy (or have more than 2 arms/10 fingers). It would be interesting to hear about the gear you use to perform something like this. On a side note your avatar on Soundcloud is creeping me out…

Thanks for your comments and sorry for the creepy stuff…
I try to make something alive, sounds idiot, but listening to a pre-sequenced playlist can be really boring, on both sides of the woofers… the fact that nothing will change if you dont trigger/do something is really fun too
Anyway, i mainly rely on 2 midi controllers : a Qcon linked to ardour, used as the main desk, hosting 2 synths, and effects; and a PCR300. I wouldnt recommand it for his build quality, but his got 32keys, 27 pads, and 19 sliders/knobs. So i can control ardour, effects, synths and sequencers on a single map. This helps a lot
The pattern are composed before, but triggerred and modified live
I use TAL Noizemaker, Qin and mutantkoto as synths. The last one is a winVst running with Fsthost.
Qmidiarp and 3 other Vst sequencers are used and controlled by midi.
The drill effects are mainly achieved by Tranches, and muchacho(via fsthost)
The drum sounds come from 2 windos freeware (drumatic and power), cause i cant find any drumsynth with multiple outputs on linux, sadly.
All thoses are launched via claudia/cadence, and mixed via Ardour plus a bunch of comps, overdrives, eq’s, …
I hope i could run this with all native linux softs, and i tried (a lot) but the winVST i keep offer functions or sounds i couldnt find on linux.But step by step, this will change.
Thanks to the developers btw