First time install - doing it wrong?

Hey all, newly subscribed, trying to install Ardour for the first time on Linux Mint 18.2, fully updated. I downloaded the 5.10 file, which is a .run file, and opened it.

The first time I ran it, it looked like it did nothing: there was text in the window but it wasn’t moving or adding. I left it running overnight and the bar had progressed but the window was full of Windings-esque characters, and it failed the install later in the day. I’m running it for the second time now, so far its been five or six hours but nothing in the window is moving, only the Loading bar has progressed.

Is this normal, am I missing a step? I can’t click on anything in the .run window, it says it’s “Loading” but there’s no user feedback other than the bar crawling forward whenever I check on it every so often: none of the text in the window moves or is added on, it looks like its stuck. Thoughts, advice? Be as harsh as necessary :slight_smile:

I just figured out how to make .run files executable, please forgive my noobishness. It’s very efficient to have the pre-assembled program as an executable instead of a .(package manager) file for each distro. Disregard!

I trying to run it on Windows 7 (and am paying 4 Dollars a month). It seems it doesn not work. any experiences anyone? Cheers, Vladi