First song made in Ardour

Hi guys,

Just to show you my first song recorded, mixed and mastered in Ardour.

It is kind of alternative or maybe indie Rock.

Still on my first steps.

As the song is a bit old the lyrics is still in my native language (portuguese).

Hope you enjoy it!


Hi theflockers,

I like it. The mix has plenty of space and can hear everything clearly. Like your voice, too. Curious to hear you sing in English… :slight_smile:

Thanks @cchoowee!

I’m happy that you like it! I might write something in english in the near future and for sure i will post it here as well.

I did like your work as well. Hope one day i can do something in the same quality as you!

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Dig it! Lots of texture in the guitars

Really good sound quality and mix, nice job!