First song from home studio, AV Linux, and Ardour

Very simple singer-songwriter material: only a single vocal and single guitar track. This is the first tune I’ve ever finished in my home studio- everyone on these forums has been an enormous help in figuring out Ardour, plug-ins, proper signal routing, and everything else! My thanks!

Guitar mic: AKG C1000S
Vocal mic: Shure KSM44
Presonus FP10
Ardour with Steve Harris’ multiband EQ, Calf Reverb LADSPA, Invada Compressor

Lost Lover’s Waltz

Very Nice Work!

Great page there, lots of good tunes. You have a distinctive timbre to your voice which suits the material perfectly. An great recording with well chosen mics, nice to see AV Linux works with the FP10. Keep em’ comin!


And thank you for writing AV! It’s been quite wonderful, and the bundled applications have been most excellent!!

Beautiful songwriting AND production. I love it!

Thanks, Macinnisrr!! I’m currently booking some shows in Ireland and Great Britain for the summer- let’s hope they feel the same way!

Outstanding recording, excellent songwriting. Your singing reminds me a bit of Harry Chapin’s vocals (but I think you’re better). :slight_smile:



I always liked Harry Chapin- thanks, Dave!!

If anyone is so inclined, I’ve set up the usual social networks (because apparently, that’s what booking managers look for these days in addition to the actual music…).

So if anyone would like to drop by, please feel free!