First official Ardour project

After having messed around with Ardour on various small projects and live recordings, the first official CD I’ve recorded with everyone’s favorite DAW is ready to go. It’s for a fellow named Andy Juhl, and you can find some of the tracks at:

You’ll have to wait for the widget to load, and then hit the ‘Play Now’ button. The first three tracks (“Kansas Turnpike”, “River Light” and “Garden Path”) are from the CD. Completely recorded and mixed with Ardour, mastered by a great engineer named Tom Herbers, using various outboard gear and ProTools (can’t avoid it entirely, I suppose).

The Sun Machine website has a bunch of other Ardour recorded songs, of varying quality. All the We Can’t Bury Shelley tracks were done in Ardour, although they were recorded from a house show, so the sound isn’t the greatest. The audio on the live Andy Juhl recordings in the Video section was done in Ardour, as well as the one Chris David demo song (who is me). Hopefully, more to come!

Congrats, it’s not the sort of thing I’d normally listen to but your recordings sound lovely. I’d be interested to hear what plugins you used, if any.

Thanks for the kind words.

It’s a type of music that requires few in-your-face effects, so I used mostly dynamics plug-ins, some EQs, and reverb. They were almost all LinuxDSP, specifically the the MX series EQs and compressors, with the MBC2 multi-band compressor and GR-EQ on the master bus, and the SR-2A reverb sometimes. I also used the Simple High Pass filter (by Richard Furse) a lot, and the Triple Band Parametric (Steve Harris) when I wanted a perhaps more clinical EQ, as well as Steve Harris’s Fast Lookahead Limiter to catch any spikes in the sound. Sometimes I would use the Feedback Line Delay’s by CMT, which are very handy.