First new track in a long time: We Almost Knew

I recently got my Ardour/guitarix setup back up and running after a very long hiatus and made this short track. Hope you enjoy it:

I’ve been listening to a lot of Kruangbin and Pink Floyd lately :smile:


Cool sound! can you comment on your guitarix setup?

Thanks for checking it out! Glad you liked it :smiley:

My Guitarix setup is pretty minimal. I get most of my sound through my amp and pedals. I have an Orange Crush 35RT amp and it has a really decent emulated output. I run that directly into my sound card through a Behringer DI box. For the preamp stage in Guitarix I chose the “—” tube option. I think that’s a solid state… it sounds very clean… I don’t use Guitarix’s cabinet emulation. Instead, I use the Guitarix’s Convolver with a Celestion Impulse Response to emulate a cabinet. In general, I go for the cleanest Guitarix amp sound as possible. It adds a very nice boost and character to my incoming signal. Sometimes I also use their reverb, delay and tremolo plugins.

Amp : Orange Crush 35RT

DI Box - Behringer Ultra DI1000

Lead Guitar: Strat -> Boss CS-3 compressor, ProCo Rat, and Boss DD-5 digital delay. (I also added more delay via the Calf Vintage Delay plugin in Ardour).

Rhythm Guitar: SG -> CS-3 -> EHX Small Stone -> Vox volume pedal -> DD-5.

Bass guitar - DI - only.

Thanks for sharing, so you don’t use guitarix inside Ardour, you connect them through Jack?

Yes - I use Guitarix standalone and connect via Jack. I personally find it more difficult to use Guitarix as plugins within Ardour. I also really like the GUI in standalone Guitarix.

Yeah I definitively see that as an advantage, having the rack with its things sorted and all rather than separated modules in Ardour’s channel strip, but I kind of lean towards the ease of pulling the plugin up vs fiddling with JACK.

I also have an orange amp, little brother of yours: 20RT, and do some nice reamping with it, can you recommend some guitarix distorsion setup to add to an already distorted signal from that amp?

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Cool. The Crush amps are truly awesome. I just recently got mine and I am having a lot of fun with it. As far as distorting an already distorted signal… I am usually getting my sound from pedals and I don’t usually touch Guitarix’s distortion/overdrives.

I have had some luck mixing pedals though- For instance: 2 Tube Screamers or a Tube Screamer before a Rat. When I mix distortions, I usually like to have the more subtle overdive before the more distorted one- like a gain boost. Maybe you could emulate something similar with your amp and Guitarix…

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Hi @jdfight

Nice to see you back here again! I’m a huge Khruangbin fan and your bassline does remind me of Laura Lee’s playing. Great saturated fuzz tone on the guitar and love the ‘Floydian’ feel and melody! Nice work!

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! Yeah, it has been a long time - Over the last two years I pretty much focused on trying to improve my guitar playing and learning more tunes. I am glad to start writing again and I have some more ideas in the pipeline :smiley:

Nice track! I tend to agree with bluebones on the guitarix plugins. it is a little less user friendly to have theùm inside Ardour but so much easier to set-up. Especially since I don’t use jack anymore because I felt it was just messing with my distro when I try to open a video or else while mixing.

Cool - Thanks for listening! I would use guitarix plugins, but for some reason I don’t have a gx convolver plugin listed in Ardour. The convolver is pretty much the secret sauce to my sound… Is there a plugin version of the guitarix convolver? Or, is there another similar plugin that I could use instead of guitarix?

Ah and so I found a convolver in LSP plugins that looks pretty promising :slight_smile: