First midi note cutoff or phased in region

apparently i didn’t read issues completely - so i’ve linked misleading topics and issues from the tracker… please ignore initial post…

does anyone have issue when looping midi region

  • the first midi events/notes are being either silent, or phased out:
    Mixbus 32c loop issue (on the last loop cycle in the recording - you can hear that it even goes silent for the first measure, like it is being constantly delayed a bit until it cancels itself :D)

it sucks, it is really old issue. The mitigation that works is to move first note a bit to the right (nudge it couple of units, so it is a bit further from region start, and it does not phase)

Tested with:
RRP (reason rack plugin) example i just made once again: 32c loop issue - YouTube - listen to the first kick in the loop…

to the people who try to help without watching video, or trying to replicate issue:

  • no, midi does not phase, but the audio is being phased somehow - this argument is added because many people complain how midi does not phase without even looking into the video, going away from the actual issue
  • there are no changes to velocity, or anything plugin-related (no automation, no time-based modulations). The issue is present when loop occurs, when you play without loop enabled, the issue is not present.

Thank you in advance

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