First ever published

All feedback welcome :slight_smile:

Hey, I like the dreamy atmosphere, however I think the drums are a bit off-tempo (with the rest at least), like everything is kind of floating, and you have this beat that is very rigid which makes it feel a bit weird and breaks the dreamy vibe.

I think the song could benefit from having more ambient percussion and less of a beat :slight_smile:

You could also try to play a bit with the stereo on the drums, as your synths are moving quite a lot from left to right, the very centered drums feel a bit weak. And maybe add some reverb on the drums to blend more with the rest.

Else I find it quite relaxing :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback !

I liked it too :relieved: the full 7 minutes!

To me the the drums in the beggining felt like having a “drunk rythm” , which I actually liked.

But yeah I agree with @Reaw in that the drums could be mixed a bit more so that they are not as intrusive to the rest of the ambience and make them sound a little less dry. Also I feel like there is room to play with the low end a bit more, maybe in the kick and some deep bass notes here and there.

Thanks for your kind words.