Firewire Support ): ?

okay …

i’ve managed to launch Ardour 3
using FFADO and firewire option in QJackCtl using 44100Khz Sample Rate,
but no matter what I try I can’t get Jack to start on nothing higher than that .

Been using this server prefix :

/usr/bin/jackd -T -ndefault -p 1024 -T -d firewire -n 3 -r 96000 &

and the Sample Rate set to 96000Khz
Realtime, No Memory Lock checked .
Priority 70
Frames / Period 128
Periods / Buffer 3
Port maximum 256
and Timeout 500

Driver : firewire
Interface : hw:0
Audio : Duplex

etc .

My Audio HW is :
Phonic Firefly 808 Universal and … YES !!! I’ve set it to firewire-mode .

Thank You for anyone Helping Out (:

zergei W .

You might want to consider taking this to the FFADO forums/mailing lists. It is not directly related to Ardour at all, though it is true that someone here may have an idea what is wrong.