firewire solo crash

I have a clean install of ubuntu 11.10 with Jack and Ardour installed from the software center. They work great using the onboard sound card and alsa. I also have an m-audio firewire solo that hangs every time I use it. The jack server will start properly using the firewire driver but when I try to stop it I get a d-bus error that Jack cannot be stopped. Once Jack is started Ardour usually will not open giving the error that jackd is in use by another user. However occassionaly it does open and once I recorded an audio track and it then crashed on playback. Seems like the firewire solo is incompatible with 11.10. Ideas?

I don’t know what version of ffado (linux firewire) Ubuntu uses, but I would not be surprised if it were a bit dated. Many people seem to have success install the kxstudio packages on top of Ubuntu which will give updated firewire support and many other updated musics apps, compared to stock Ubuntu.

Thanx I had to step back to 10.04 (11.10 just wouldn’t work) but when I got kxstudio installed on ubuntu 10.04 everything worked great.