firewire multitrack recording?

hey all

another question!

does ardour support devices that multi-track? ie; the firepod or any firewire mixing device?

this is just so i can record more than one instrument at a time…

thanks for the help!

For OS X specifically: if it works with CoreAudio, it works with JACK. since Ardour uses JACK, if it works with CoreAudio, it works with Ardour. 'nuff said.

Working on plan for new recording system based on Linux/JACK/Ardour.
Considering Mackie Onyx mixer + firewire for audio interface.
Any idea if this works under Linux?

first, please note that Ardour does not interact with your audio hardware in any way. It can be used on machines without any audio interface at all, or on a machine with 3 interfaces that each handle 26 channels in each direction (e.g. RME HDSP + Digiface). It can be used with NetJACK to route audio over a network. So the basic answer to your question is yes - Ardour was designed around 24+ channel devices from the very beginning.

however, firewire audio device support on linux at this time is still pretty nasty for anyone who is not a relatively knowledgeable Linux programmer. There is support that works quite well for all devices that use the Bridge Co. chipset, which currently is about 90% of all those that exist (including the firepod), but installing it and getting it to work is not for the casual user. There will probably be a proper release of this software within the next month - check to keep track of what is going on there. we also hope to see work beginning on support for the new DICE-II chipset that will be used by many new devices that are released this year.

i should have mentioned that i am also running osx with ardour, not linux. while i am using X11 to render this, i still have the appropriate drivers for the firepod which is designed to run on OSX.

i just ask because garageband can use the firepod, so using that logic, if ardour can pickup the firepod as the audio input device, it should be able to multi track like garageband can,right?

few words and a good answer… thanks!

ive got a few other posts in here so if people could answer them that would be fantastic…

this community is pretty awesome… cant wait to help out myself!