Firewire audio interface Linux


I’m looking for a firewire audio interface which works with linux out of the box. I don’t need to much connectivity.
Important is that I can listen to multiple tracks and record at the same time. I need a XLR and at least one TRS. And a way to connect my active monitors :wink: maybe a headphone connection would be nice.

Is there something available for about 300 € or 400 $ which works well with linux?


yes there is the presonus firepod. its a 10in 10 out interface with midi and s/pdif it also has 8 xlr ports with phantom power volume mixer with main mixer and headphone colume controls. i use one andthey sound awesome

they cost 400 usd but you can get them for around 300usd on ebay :smiley: i would recomend musiciansfriend for them. they are hard to get at stores nowadays.

presonus also makes the firebox wich is cheaper and also has some midi and xlr etc… (firepod its much better)

i didnt need to install any drivers i just started jack with freebob or ffado drivers that comes with the latest version of any ubuntu based distro like ubuntu studio or mint 5 :smiley:

That sounds good.
I will have a look on both.

You could also have a look at the firewire boxes Konnekt 24D or Konnekt 8 from TC-Electronic.
They have recently started collaborating with the guy behind the FFADO (linux firewire audio) project, so they should be pretty good supported.