Trying to get my PreSonus FIRESTUDIO PROJECT working on latest Ubuntu Studio 17 .

When I reboot the computer the led on the Audio HW is red, when the OS is fully loaded, the led turns to blue for a few seconds and then again goes to constant red . Using ALSA Audio System Ardour sees the input / Output devices as FireStudio Project, but when I click to start the device I get, “Failed to open Audio Device .”

I know there are reports by people, who have gotten this hardware working on Linux …

Would you recommend some specific distribution … ?

Am I correct in assuming this is a firewire device? If so, it may be a problem with the move of firewire audio into ALSA. In such a case, the older (but still available and maybe better) firewire modules that used to be used with jackd directly will not work unless the ALSA modules for these devices are unloaded or blacklisted. in short only use one set or the other. Unfortunately, I do not have any FW experience of my own and so can only suggest first steps to look at.

I don’t have the interface you are using , but with Presonus VSL 1818 (a USB device). I get similar behaviour. When using this device I need to have the VSL 1818 powered off when the os starts up. The device only works correctly when the it is powered on after the the os is up and running.

I haven’t got the interface neither, but I did have some of the problems you mentioned on the other interfaces. There are few things you can do to determine if the problem is with FW drivers or with system settings (sometimes pulseaudio has some issues with multichannel audio devices…):

  1. The output of arecord -l in terminal may be helpful.
  2. Check if you can play some music files with VLC, Audacious, Totem,… or any other general purpose media player - don’t forget to change audio device to your PreSonus card in System Settings -> Hardware -> Sound.
  3. Try to record some music with Audacity or Qtractor - as always, set both recording and playing devices to PreSonus.
  4. Try to start Qjackctl with “Setup” -> “Interface” set to PreSonus and if it starts at all, check if all 10 channels are displayed in “Connect” window.
  5. You can start Ardour from the terminal (just type ardour5 in terminal) to check if some other, more specific error messages are displayed.

If none of the above works then it must be problem with the drivers. Unfortunately, I have no experience with FW.

Good luck!

If you are using Ubuntu operating system. it is very good giving your tips is very good to me, Thank for sharing. <a