Firebox Jack Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Hello, I would appreciate if someone could direct me to detailed instructions for installing and running Ardour on a Linux Mint 17.3 machine (Rosa) with a Presonus Firebox (firewire) running through Jack(d) for recording input and ALSA for monitoring. I wonder if QJackctl might have a role here. Thank you for your attention.

I don’t have first-hand experience with firewire devices, but be sure your hardware works on Linux before you invest a lot of time tinkering with applications. A good site for that information is If confirm your firewire card (TI chipsets are best from what I’ve read) and audio device (the Presonus Firebox) are supported and setup properly, visit for tutorials on Jack setup. That’s the best advice I can provide, but maybe someone else here can offer more detailed tips.

Much obliged for the info. I will look into it.

Hey, I have a old junky Dell GX620 / 4 Meg Mem / running Mint 19.1 with a Presonus Firewire Firebox connected to a PCI slot firewire Card.

I had to load the low latency kernel and Ardour is working better than my PC / Window DAWS that cost me a ton. I have a EVEA GForce 9500 GT graphic card installed in the graphic card slot.

The key was installing the correct Nvida driver for the graphic card and running the low latency kernel.

  1. Install Mint 19.1
  2. Install the low latency kernel / reboot
  3. Install Ardour 5
  4. Install the Jack Fire wire app / reboot
  5. Tweek Video Driver
  6. Set buffers at 1024 and calibrate the Hardware latency in Ardour.

This setup is downtown…getting use out of my older gear once more.
I hope this helps.

I have recorded with no Xruns…its running so solid. I didn’t add any pluggins yet.

Check out this link for help too.