Fire In Your Heart (House)

Made this jazzy house tune in Ardour. Any feedback or comments are always appreciated. I finally splurged and got Zebra 2 which is used for the melody in the end, otherwise there’s Pianoteq in there for the rhodes and some free soundfont for the bass.


Hey @speak !

Everywhere there is electronic midi made things you are there and every genre you try you give us nice tracks, another time well done !

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Thanks for such kind words, they mean a lot. :slight_smile:

Nice Work @speak! This sounds good on my genelec speakers. Nice ballance in the mix, This one I can crank up really load without any frequences destroy my ears, just I love it! Soundscape/colors is also a pluss. As said on freenode I love when dissonances sound beautiful. Keep em comming!

Love from Norway! :slight_smile: <3

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Thanks so much for the detailed positive feedback! So nice to know the mix works on better speakers as well! :slight_smile: Mixed on headphones + a cheap set of computer speakers, hah.

Thanks again.