FINSTA - AAG ("Fire") (Disco music made with Ardour!)

Just released a new bollywood disco song! An homage to the bollydisco classic “Jimmy Jimmy Aaja” from Disco Dancer (1982).

“Aag” by Finsta

All vocals/production/mixing done on Ardour of course, and synthesized most of the sounds on Helm. :slight_smile: Long live FOSS audio :heart:

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You did a great job with this!

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Exactly! Brilliant, I like it.
Out of curiosity, what language is this?

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Thanks so much! It’s in Hindi, or rather “Hinglish” (Hindi/English). :slight_smile:

It doesn’t sound disco to me. It is more like 80’s synth first period (I think they called this style “House” then). But here’s what important: it is a great piece of work. Very nice to hear.