fine-grained editing of automation points

Support for very fine adjustment of existing automation points - i.e. double click on a point and a numberslider appears that allows you to type a value in, as well as another numberslider for the time location. Or just an “event list” interface that shows all the points’ times and values so you can adjust the time and value.

Also useful would be support to map full automation range to a specific subrange of the plugin parameter, so you could potentially have more vertical resolution in the area you’re interested in.

Related: allow a range of automation points (e.g. in punch range) to be recordable, so each time the record goes over that point (e.g. when looping) a MIDI controller value is read and adjusts the recorded automation point. This would allow tweaking of a single point via a hardware controller.

(apologies if my forgetting of the real name of “numberslider” causes confusion)


please file feature requests in the bug tracker. stuff in the forum is never looked at again.